RAM in mobile phone

RAM: Ram in mobile phone speed up the mobile phone.This statement is not completly right RAM means read only memory.This memory is temporary memory,as soon as mobile is switch off,all content in Ram finishes. In mobile phones,some people thought that if there phone has 8 GB Ram so there phone will work faster like a […]

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Forest:discover the real beauty :(

Forest Forest is the most refreshing thing ever in this cruel and populated world where there is heaps of garbage everywhere.Also a dirty human make this world dirty and unclean. Forest make us feel our soul refreshing and clean.when there is green carpet and chirping of beautiful bird everywhere and woodpecker is drilling in the […]

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What’s app best tricks 🔥

Bold any message: If you have to bold any message or text for it’s importance so just insert *(asterisk) in start and last of text just like that: *Text* Italic any messages: To italicize your message, place an underscore on both sides of the text, like so: _text_ Strike through any message: To strike through […]

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5 tech myths busted

Here are 5 tech myths which are believed by most people: More megapixel means good image quality: This is very big myth,most people thought that more megapixel means good image quality which is not true,you cannot judge camera only by megapixel count,lens aperture and image processing software also has affect on good camera.i-e,10 mp DSLR […]

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